Property Compliance

Get unstuck with your Property Sales & delayed Transfers

Approved As-Built Building Plans & COCs for Property Sales & Transfers

Is your Property Sales & Transfers stuck or delayed?

Municipality needs Approved As-Built Building Plans?

The Municipality don’t have any plans of our property!?

Now they ask us for all these Certificates…

where to next?

At Scirrus we solve this problem for you fast & hassle free.

Our qualified and experienced team of Architectural Professionals, Engineers, Town Planning, Inspectors, Electricians, Plumbers, Gas & Pest Control Specialists, Fire, Health & Safety, Admin team and referring Contractors are ready & geared to solve all issues that may come up from the structures on the property itself, the Municipality etc.

Easy… Everything you need in one place.

We see this more & more every day:
Many Property Owners and their Estate Agents & Transfer / Conveyancing Attorneys that struggle with these issues:

  • Property Sales that are stuck &
  • Transfers that are delayed
  • Municipal clearance certificates have new requirements
  • Occupation Certificates were never acquired / issued for a building
  • more and more certificate & documents required
  • It takes a lot of time & effort to get everything together

There can be several factors causing delays and disruptions to your property sales / transfer process:

  • Outdated or even No Building Plans at the Municipality.
  • Illegal Building work on properties that have not been submitted to the Municipality and not been approved.
  • Minor changes was made to the existing buildings, now the Municipality wants approved building plans.
  • Municipality records that are either lost, destroyed in fire, etc
  • Compliance Certificates are not in place or have expired
  • Things have changed: with older buildings, many of these documents were never required

We take care of the whole process:

Complete the quote request below and we will contact you, collect the required info and send you our free quote for the shortest, most effective solution. When you accept our quote & terms, we swiftly execute a clear process (example below):

  1. Coordinate with the Owner, Agent & Attorney
  2. Collect all existing info, documents & Municipal drawings
  3. Survey the site & buildings as needed
  4. Compile As-Built Municipal drawings
  5. Coordinate with our Engineer and get the required report & SANS forms
  6. Acquire all required Compliance Certificates (electrical, beetle, fire, health & safety, gas, etc as applicable) from registered professionals
  7. Prepare the Plan Application incl. all SANS forms and submit at the Municipality and do all follow-up until the plans are approved
  8. Facilitate final inspection and the Occupation Certificate with the Municipal Building Inspector
  9. Close case with the Owner, Agent & Attorney and hand over all approved building plans and certificates

All project & client info is handled with utmost confidentiality.
We ensure each projects quote addresses it’s unique requirements (no more, no less).
Our client and all those involved always knows what is happening and what needs to happen next.

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