3D Digital Surveys & Virtual Tours

Which would you choose?


> Get out the clipboard, paper, tape measure & camera.
> Time consuming manual building surveys.
> Go back to site several times.
> Inaccurate & incomplete survey data.
> Tedious drawing process from hand sketches & photos.
​> Some times unsafe site conditions.
> High cost, resource intensive process.


> Extremely accurate & most complete digital surveys.
​> No more manual building surveys.
​> Get 200% more data from only one site visit.
> Speed up studio drawings with point clouds.
​> Making on site surveys safer for your team.
​> All the way to 3D models / 2D CAD drawings if needed.
> Saving you time & money.

Scan2BIM – 3D Digital Surveys

Forever fix you costly building surveys and as-built drawing workflows right here.

Are you a Developer, Architect, Interior Designer or perhaps a Contractor or Project Manager wanting to deliver more projects, more profitably?

We deliver your project surveys, as-built BIM models and project data in less time with no hassle and excellent value using cutting edge tools and workflows.

Both our Digital Surveying and As-built BIM Modeling are done by our experienced team. We deliver your project in the format that works best with your tools & systems. You have our full support from scan on site all the way to the BIM model of your project, the way you need it.

We are the right Technical 3D Digitization service provider for your practice & project, read more about Scan4BIM & Scan2BIM here.

3D Digital Surveys & As-Built drawings (BIM / CAD)

At Scirrus we offer our clients a comprehensive service from 3D Point Cloud to 2D CAD / 3D BIM As-Built drawings conversions and Construction Progress management surveys. ​

fusionBIM-Scirrus is a 3D Virtual Africa Associate & official Matterport Service Partner.

Below are 2 x Interactive Virtual Tours (Interior & Exterior) that we publish together with our 3D Point Cloud survey data files, as part of our standard Scan4BIM Digital Building Survey packages for Architects, Owners, Developers & Contractors.

These Interactive Virtual Tours are 4K ultra high definition photographic online tours that greatly enhances and speeds up the 3D modelling process from the point cloud data for designers, owners & contractors.

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