Our Core Services

From Design to Construction to Marketing to Management.
Making a difference in a changing world…

Digital Surveys &
As-Built BIM Models

No more Manual Surveys…

Forever fix your costly building surveys and as-built drawing workflows right here.

Are you a Developer, Architect, Interior Designer or perhaps a Contractor or Project Manager wanting to deliver more projects, more profitably?

We deliver your project surveys, as-built BIM models and project data in less time with no hassle and excellent value using cutting edge tools and workflows.

Both our Digital Surveying and As-built BIM Modeling are done by our experienced team. We deliver your project in the format that works best with your tools & systems. You have our full support from scan on site all the way to the BIM model of your project, the way you need it.

We are the right Technical 3D Digitization service provider for your practice & project, read more about Scan4BIM & Scan2BIM here.

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Interactive Virtual Tours &
3D Visualization

Get the edge in your market.

Do not get left behind. It is time for a fresh and future ready approach to all business.

We help Hospitality & Tourism and Real Estate to get 75% more viewings & bookings in 1 week through our Scirrus Marketing Media Tools.

The world is ever changing. The old ways to present, market and communicate your projects are not relevant any longer. We capture and effectively visualize your projects in vibrant new experiences.

Our high definition Interactive Virtual Tours of your buildings create immersive experiences that simple sell projects faster than anything else. Pre-sell your projects even before it is built using the best technology for each project with our digital tools.

We are the right 3D Digitization & Marketing service provider for your business & properties, Request a quote below.

Get unstuck with Property Sales
& delayed Transfers

Approved As-Built Building Plans for Property Sales & Transfers

– Is your Property Sales & Transfers stuck or delayed?
– Municipality needs Approved As-Built Building Plans?
– The Municipality don’t have any plans of our property!?
– What is a PPA Defects Disclosure report, why do I need it?
– Need specialised property inspections for owners & landlords?
– EPC Energy Performance Audit
– Now they ask us for all these Certificates…
…where to next?

Look no further Request a quote below.

At Scirrus we solve this problem for you fast & hassle free.

Bespoke Solutions to
match your needs

Need something unusual / special?

No problem. We have you covered. Our creative & skilled team use the best tools for your particular needs.

Whatever your project or output requirements, we will customize your project to exactly match your requirements. No matter how unique / special.

We love to bring creative & effective solutions to new, unique & challenging projects. Do you want to get / do something but don’t exactly know how to get there?

Look no further Request a quote below. With our team, tools & systems we can deliver unique solutions for your practice & project as we have for others before.

Contact us with your particular request or questions.