Werner van der Watt

​I met Francois in 2014 at a GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD Retreat, where I attended a training event that he presented. Even from the get-go, I experienced his passion for educating people by empowering them with knowledge and understanding. From this chance meeting there grew a friendship and eventually also a business partnership. Which allowed me to experience first-hand the blessing of him as a person. I believe that all of his longstanding clients will also attest to his genuine caring for people and their well-being, which flows from his integrity.
His desire to serve people and present them with his personal best is deeply engrained into his being. This leads to him continuously sourcing new information and staying up-to-date with the latest development in the AEC industry and staying on top of his game. I am continuously amazed at his technical skill-set regarding the software used in the industry, especially ARCHICAD. I believe there to be only a handful of people in our country to match his expertise.
His love for ‘tinkering’ with stuff has gained him vast technical experience with technology applications of all kinds, making him REALLY tech-savvy.
He is one of the most hardworking people that I have come across, with a work ethic that makes the ‘energizer bunny’ look like a lazy sloth. This gives him iron-willed perseverance to pursue his goals.
Due to changes in my goals for the future our business partnership had to come to an end for now, but I really hope that I will again in future find myself working alongside him, as it is seldom that one finds yourself in the fortunate position to be working with such an exceptional person.