Mount Rhodes Dr, Cape Town

Mount Rhodes Dr, Cape Town

Project: Mount Rhodes

Location: Mount Rhodes Drive, Cape Town

Date: June 2021

Client: Alicia Beetge / Lijn Architectural Interiors

Client’s Brief: The Architect requested a Digital Survey (point cloud) of the existing building and any relative adjacent ground levels surrounding the existing building.

Solution Delivered: As-Built Survey & Modeling

This project was mostly for the redesigning and renovation of the interior space and some exterior facets. The complete space was digitally surveyed, from the boundary wall north, south, east, and west to be able to see the big picture of how the surrounding nature and architecture will complement each other.

Client Feedback: “Thank you very much for sending this through. It is quite a large model – looking forward to working with such a detailed 3D of the site and the structures which will save a LOT of time detailing etc.” – Alicia (Interior Architect).

Media Package:

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