Scirrus 3D.BIM – Another satisfied Architect, another LiDAR Digital Survey done

Yes |B-) Another satisfied Architect another LiDAR Digital Survey done – Scirrus 3D.BIM

Another satisfied Architect client, another LiDAR Digital Survey done & high quality Point Cloud + Interactive Virtual Tour delivered.

Now the Architect has all he needs for the As-Built 3D model and focus on the design of the renovations that his clients want.

  • The high density Point Cloud ensures optimal accuracy
  • No detail is missed, so no additional site visits required
  • The Interactive Virtual Tour (4K Ultra HD) brings the complete site & buildings to the Architects computer screen
  • 3D Data shared with the whole project team
  • Easy to access, view & share (open in free Mobile App / web browser)

Delivered in only 36 hours at competitive rate with only one site visit.
Scanned Building Area: 733m2 (excludes exterior spaces)
Point Cloud file:

  • 25’026’633 points (25+ million)
  • .XYZ format (point cloud)
  • .OBJ format (mesh model)
  • .PDF Floor Plans

Interactive Virtual Tour:

  • Complete visual reference of the full site & buildings
  • 3D Dollhouse view
  • Floor Plan view
  • 4K Ultra HD photographic
  • 360 Panorama views built in
  • Scene Gallery (easy navigation)
  • Built in Measure tool
  • Share functions

Scirrus – Future ready, digital 3D data now!
We are a Virtual Reality Capture & BIM Model Studio for 3D Digital Design and Marketing.
3D BIM Models, Lidar / Point Cloud scan, Immersive 3D Virtual Tours, Video, 360 Panorama, 4K Photos, Google Streetview.

Visit us at:​

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